Back-Up Care

This benefit provides eligible employees with access to backup care when they experience a temporary breakdown in their normal care arrangements. Employees will be able to schedule care for self, a child and/or an adult when needed. This program will help employees get to work with confidence, knowing that their loved ones are in skilled hands.

The backup care program covers both planned and unplanned care needs, at low cost to employees, with 24/7 access to experienced back-up care specialists. These specialists find and schedule licensed, qualified care on the employee's behalf, any time an employees usual provider cannot be there.

Eligibility Requirements

All benefit eligible employees may use the services provided under the back-up care benefit.  Eligible individuals may use this benefit immediately upon hire. Coverage ends on the last day of active employment

Coverage and Registration

The University has contracted with Bright Horizons Family Solutions to provide the services available under this program. Eligible employees can use this benefit to make back-up care arrangements without having to take time away from work.

Registration is recommended before requesting service to make using the program in case of emergency easier and more convenient. There is no cost for registration and employees can still register at the time they request service.

To register online or by phone, please contact Bright Horizons directly as listed at the end of this web page. Employees will be required to provide their Brown ID number to complete their registration.

When care cannot be secured through a current network provider,  My CareAssist(TM) gives you the option of finding your own back-up provider and being reimbursed for related care.

Copayments and Limitations

The University covers most of the cost for the backup care benefit, yet a low copayment of $2 to $4 per hour, depending on the type of service provided is required when receiving care.

Upon scheduling backup care, employees will be asked to provide a payment method for any applicable co-payments at the time of reservation either by phone or online.

Under the terms of this benefit, each eligible employee will be able to make arrangements for backup care up to 100 hours per a 12-month calendar year.


"The Backup Care benefit helped my sister and me work and care for our mother the way we needed while she was in the final stages of dementia.  Needing one of us at the hospital 24/7 to advocate for her, we were able to secure overnight care through this benefit which allowed one of us the ability to work the next day.  Backup Care allowed us to juggle both our work responsibilities, our need to be with her while in the hospital and during her last days in hospice.  Thank you Backup Care!

Trish Dumin - Senior Library Specialitist, Tech Support/Training

 "While traveling, I was able to use Backup Care to work in one room and have my son in the next room with a caregiver.  I could go back and forth between the rooms to nurse.  That is the ultimate in accommodating a mother's needs."

Erika Edwards - Assistant Professor of Biology


Bright Horizons' telephone specialists are trained to answer  questions about this valuable benefit and guide employees through the registration process. Additionally, Bright Horizons' website is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for the applicable policies, guidelines and tools that will enable employees to effectively manage work/life responsibilities.

To register, you will need your 9 digit Brown ID number.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions
2655 Midway Blvd
Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone: (877) BH-CARES (877) 242-2737
Fax: (303) 604-0535

If you are already registered:
Username: Brown - Password: backup8

Not Registered Yet?  Create Your Profile using the Brown Username/Password (Brown; backup8)
You will need your 9 digit Brown ID number.

For free tips and resources on family care, check out the Family Matters Resource Room.



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Also, the Benefits Office welcomes employee feedback and suggestions about the backup care benefit.  Contact:

Michele Wise
University Human Resources
Box 1879, Providence RI 02912
Telephone: 401-863-2459
Email: Michele_Wise@Brown.EDU