Pet Insurance

This benefit has been established with Nationwide* to provide employees at Brown University with a group discount on pet insurance policies.

Nationwide offers plans with different levels of coverage. Employees are eligible to receive a 5% discount off the premium of the base medical plans. And because regular veterinary care is critical to the long term health of one's pet, additional coverage is available for routine medical care including vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter and more.

If you currently have an insurance policy for your pet from Nationwide, you may benefit from the group discount when you renew the policy. This discount cannot be applied to existing policies. Additional discounts could be available if you insure more than one pet.


Policies provide reimbursement coverage for the pet's eligible medical treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays, prescriptions and more, helping employees to make optimal healthcare decisions for their pets. Reimbursements are based on on a published benefit schedule. After the plans deductible is met, the policy holder is eligible to receive 100% of the benefit schedule allowance for the treated condition.

This benefit covers multitude of medical problems and conditions related to accidents or illnesses for dogs, cats, birds and other exotic pets. Policyholders are free to use any licensed veterinarian anywhere, even when they are away from home.

The step-by-step guide provides information on how it works and access to all forms and documents that you may need.

Plan Carrier

Nationwide is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of health insurance for pets. Selling policies since 1982, the company has worked with hundreds of thousands of loving pet owners to help deliver the very best care for their pets.

For individual inquiries about this benefit, please contact:


Phone: 1-877-738-7874
Address: P.O. Box 2488, Brea, CA 92822

Also, the Benefits Office welcomes your feedback and suggestions about the Pet Insurance Benefit. You may contact us anytime by phone at 401-863-2141.

*This vendor has indicated that it is willing to offer certain benefits to employees of Brown University and is included on this website to facilitate your access to its information. Brown University does not endorse or sponsor any of the provider’s products. This is a voluntary, fully employee paid benefit subject to the terms of agreement between you and the vendor, and subject to its requirements and/or restrictions. Employees may be required to show their Brown ID Card to obtain access to any benefit(s) offered.