Employment & Performance Development

University Human Resources guides and supports the professional success of Brown employees. The Employment & Performance Development pages provide guidelines on employment, performance management, diversity and inclusion, and labor and employee relations.




Maria Chester, HR Consultant 863-2938 maria_chester@brown.edu
Michael Elias, HR Consultant 863-1796 michael_elias@brown.edu
Barbara LePage, Records & Data Coordinator 863-3154 barbara_lepage@brown.edu
Margaret (Mimi) McDonald, Limited Duration Employment Specialist 863-6340 margaret_mcdonald@brown.edu
Courtney Pontbriand, Employment Specialist 863-3893 courtney_pontbriand@brown.edu
Elizabeth Scotto, HR Consultant 863-1785 elizabeth_scotto@brown.edu
Barbara Thomas, HR Assistant 863-9150 barbara_thomas@brown.edu
Toni Tinberg, Director, HR Services 863-1082 toni_tinberg@brown.edu