Health Insurance

Health Insurance Plans

Eligible employees may select coverage under any of the three plans listed below. No exclusions for pre-existing conditions are included in all of the plans.

For UnitedHealthcare members: Real Appeal Program

All plans have an in-network and an out-of-network option. In-network services require a nominal copayment; out-of-network services involve claim forms, deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums.

    Plan Carriers & Provider Directories

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

     When using the online directory to find providers outside of Rhode Island, please select Blue Card PPO from the product list.

    UnitedHealthcare of New England

     When using the online directory to find a participating provider, please choose the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus plan.

    Prescription Drug Coverage Provider

    OptumRx is the University's prescription drug coverage provider.  Employees are automatically enrolled in prescription drug coverage if they are enrolled in a Brown health plan.  Subscriber ID cards will be mailed to an employee's home address and should be presented at the pharmacy for all prescription drug purchases.

    OptumRx Highlights

    OptumRx Home Delivery

    OptumRx 2017 Formulary

    OptumRx Exclusions

    CVS Smart Fill Flyer

    Summary of Benefits and Coverage

    Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) employers are required to provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage notice to help assist employees make informed decisions regarding employer provided health insurance.   This summary contains information to help you understand and compare Brown University’s Health Insurance Plans using a standardized template.


    CurrentCare is Rhode Island's Health Information Exchange (HIE). CurrentCare is a virtual integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system that helps health care professionals access patient information quickly and easily so they can integrate health care to treat the whole person. Developed by the State of Rhode Island in partnership with the Rhode Island Quality Institute, CurrentCare ensures that a patient’s providers have all the information to provide them with the most complete care possible.

    How CurrentCare works
    CurrentCare Brochure
    Online Enrollment

    Choosing Wisely

    Consumer Health Choices’ Choosing Wisely program was founded by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. Choosing Wisely offers topical articles and videos on common tests, medications, procedures, and imaging.  When talking with your doctor, knowing your options and asking the right questions can often result in more personalized care and can reduce unnecessary services.