Postdoctoral Appointments

This web page will provides the resources regarding available benefits and mentor-appointee guidance that will assist postdocs transition through their appointment and throughout their tenure at the University.

Guidelines, Practices & Types of Post-Doc Appointments

Currently, postdocs are strongly urged to consult with their principal investigators, lab administrators, and departmental personnel about which policies are applicable to the postdoctoral appointment.

If postdocs have questions about whom to contact in their department, inquiries should be directed to their divisional contact. Division of Biology and Medicine postdocs should contact Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Office at 401-863-1614. Dean of Faculty postdocs should contact the Graduate School at 401-863-2313. School of Public Health postdocs should contact the Faculty Affairs Office at 401-863-5475.

Types of Postdoctoral Appointments

Brown University makes two types of postdoctoral appointments, Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF) and Postdoctoral Research Associates (PDRA). Both are intended to enhance and support the academic and research development of the appointee. Individuals holding postdoctoral appointments are supervised and mentored by a senior scholar, and are guaranteed freedom to publish. Since these appointments are intended to contribute to career development, they have limited terms.

It is important to note that Postdoctoral Research Associates are Brown employees, while Postdoctoral Fellows are not considered Brown employees. This difference in employment status means that PDRAs receive salary and PDFs receive stipends; this requires different tax treatment. Moreover, although both PDRAs and PDFs have access to health and dental insurance through Brown, payment and withholding arrangements differ.

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