Foundational Keys to Drive your Career

Foundations Heading

The future of your career starts with you! Take the Skills Matcher quiz to see career options based on your interests. You can also learn more about how you can “drive” your career forward by reviewing the tips below. 



You have the opportunity to customize your career here at Brown University. Take advantage of a multitude of career development tools that are available to you through Talent Development & Workday Learning

Research Available Positions 

You have the ability to search for other opportunities available at Brown University. After logging into Workday, run the 'Find Jobs' report for a complete list of all of the internal opportunities available here at Brown. You can filter by grade, department, location & more!

Invest (in yourself)

One of the greatest investments you can make is in yourself. Learn a new language with free access to Rosetta Stone or enroll in one of the many professional development programs offered by our Talent Development team. 

Venture out and Network

Networking is a key tool to a successful career. Opportunities to meet new people and create long term relationships with mutual benefits could be the stepping stone you need to advance in your career. Take advantage of networking opportunities at Brown; look for announcements on events in Today@Brown

Engage and Evolve

Engage with other staff members and take part in some of the professional development opportunities available to you at Brown. Check out the Professional Development Opportunities section of this webpage for more information on these programs.