Resources for the Lactating Parent

Proactive planning can help you to continue breastfeeding after your parental leave has come to an end. 

Planning to Breastfeed

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health provides a variety of detailed information on breastfeeding such as making the decision to breastfeed, breastfeeding challenges, and breastfeeding considerations at home, at work, and in public.
  • Contact your health insurance provider to inquire about obtaining a breast pump and/or lactation consultant services. If you are covered under a Brown University health insurance plan please contact:
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield: 855-704-5366
    • UnitedHealthcare:  800-864-9427
  • Plan for sufficient leave time, particularly after the baby arrives, to allow you more time to initiate breastfeeding. Read more about Leaves of Absence.

Getting Ready to Return to Work

  • Speak with your supervisor about expectations for when you return to work. If applicable, consider flexible scheduling options.
  • Identify a lactation space, such as a designated lactation room on campus or private office, where you will be able to pump breast milk during the workday. Be sure to contact the designated room coordinator to discuss scheduling best practices.
  • Create your lactation plan for your return to work. This optional template may help you devise your plan. 

Back at Brown

  • If you have forgotten tubing, bottles, etc.  The Nursing Moms, etc. store at Women & Infants Hospital is accessible from the Brown University Shuttle Connector route. 
  • If using an alternate space, print out this privacy sign to hang on the door.
  • Seek out other breastfeeding parents, perhaps co-workers or a local support group, to share experiences and tips that may be helpful as you work to maintain your breastfeeding goals. 

Please note: if you are experiencing difficulties with your lactation space that cannot be resolved by your space coordinator or you are having trouble securing an adequate space, contact [email protected].