Resources for the Supervisor of the Lactating Parent


Supervisors may assist employees by familiarizing themselves with resources, communicating support, and remaining compliant with Brown policies.

  • Allow for time during the work day for breastfeeding/pumping. Please see the Nursing Mothers in the Workplace policy.
  • Work with the nursing parent to identify an appropriate place to pump breast milk. This can be a room specifically designated for this purpose. Please see Brown’s lactation room locations, or if seeking an alternate space for lactation, please visit the Procedures section of Nursing Mothers in the Workplace policy for private space requirements. 
  • Be sensitive to the fact that:
    • Not all parents know whether they will breastfeed before their baby arrives.
    • Parents choose to breastfeed for a variety of reasons.
    • Not all parents will feel comfortable discussing their breastfeeding choices.
    • It is important to be sensitive to the privacy of the new parent’s choices.
    • Keeping privacy in mind, educate other employees about special arrangements for breastfeeding co-workers to avoid possible misunderstandings. Both supervisors and co-workers can help to create a supportive work climate.


Co-worker support is an important part of a smooth transition for a breastfeeding parent. As a co-worker of a breastfeeding parent, there are a variety of ways that you can be supportive.

Be supportive and flexible:

  • Be respectful of colleague’s lactation times. Offer flexibility in scheduling meetings, breaks, and coverage of job responsibilities.
  • Be sensitive to the choices and privacy preferences of the new parent.
  • Familiarize yourself with Brown’s Nursing Mothers in the Workplace policy