Staff Performance Evaluation Timeline

2021-2022 Staff Performance Evaluation Timeline

Starting in February 2022: Staff are encouraged to complete self-appraisals in Workday. Self-appraisals allow staff members to reflect on their accomplishments and challenges during the past year, as well as determine where additional professional development would be valuable. Self-appraisals should be completed prior to manager and staff performance evaluation meetings.

March 14, 2022: Launch of Annual Performance Evaluations in Workday.  An evaluation form will be delivered to each manager’s Workday inbox for each regular and fixed-term staff member in their supervisory organization.

April 29, 2022: Last day to submit the annual staff performance evaluations. Please complete the evaluation and submit it to your Performance Partner for review and/or approval by April 29, 2022. Once approved by the Performance Partner, evaluations route to Employee and Labor Relations for final review and then to employees. Managers will receive a notification of employees’ receipt of the evaluation.