2022 Excellence Award Winners

Announcing the 2022 Excellence Award Winners!


Global Brown
Andrew Heald and Natalia Roman Alicea
Andrew Heald and Natalia Roman Alicea are being recognized for their work in creating and running an orientation program for refugee students from Afghanistan and Ukraine, something that was previously unprecedented at Brown. These students with harrowing past experiences of violence and loss in their home countries were able to start to create a home here at Brown. Andrew and Natalia were able to effectively initiate the success of these students, help them to create their own connections and find their niche at Brown. 


Hanna Exel, The College
Hanna Exel was instrumental in maintaining the operations of Pre-Health Advising through the 2022-23  medical school application cycle. During an exceptionally busy time of year that consistently serves 185+  current student and alumni applicants to health professions graduate programs, Hanna not only  maintained operations but stepped up to manage efforts during a time of unexpected staffing transition.  She also decreased the average amount of time spent processing applications by designing and spearheading an application management dashboard.

Brittany Pailthorpe, Office of the Vice President for Research
With a keen eye for dissecting and understanding complex processes, Brittany Pailthorpe’s work in making processes easier and more efficient is unmatched. A prime example is how she single-handedly orchestrated a complete change in management of Humanities Research Funds. ORSD awards Humanities Research Funds (HRFs) to support faculty research in the humanities and social sciences. Brittany’s efforts included condensing a two-step  process for the department chairs into one, awarding over $400,000 in FY22 across 30 departments and 210 faculty recipients. 

BioMed Planning and Analytics
Zachary Pereira, Roland Hall, Cutler Dimond, Rebecca Martish and John Umbel
The Biomed Planning and Analytics team streamlined numerous processes and created new ones, such as an expense tracker that allows data to flow in an automated way to and from Workday, creating speed and efficiency in post-award operations, eliminating the need for manual manipulation, and minimizing the opportunity for error typical with any manual process. They also developed a Faculty Salary Tool that allows Faculty Affairs to efficiently report accurate data, while assisting Biomed HR, and BioMed Faculty Affairs in assessing equitable and competitive salary offers for prospective faculty recruits. Their financial projection model allows BioMed Finance to hone in on reporting and financial issues more swiftly. 

Atrium Implementation project team
Chandra Alassah, Tony Antetomaso, Rob Buckley, TJ Cochran, Keirsten Connors, Christina Downs, Angela Foster, Nanyeli Garcia, Brian Kimball, Rick Lawson, Karen Leap-Canis, Mike Leitao, Carleia Lighty, Diane Lovell, Kelly Murphy, Bobby Noyes, Marla Pearsall, Tatum Ponte, John Rice, Greg Silva, Steve Tompkins, Alexis Vergez, Ted Zarek, Wynette Zuppardi
The Atrium Implementation project team is a cross-functional team with staff from Dining Services, the Office of Information Technology, Business & Financial Services, and Brown Transportation & Card Services. Their work provides Brown with a card and meal plan management system that simplifies adding new services. It streamlined the process of making changes to the systems that accept Bear Bucks, meal credits or flex points and has also dramatically reduced the amount of time that students have had to spend in line to enter dining facilities or change their meal plans. 

Financial Operations Team
Mary Levesque, Paula Ferreira and Ivy Hall
The Financial Operations team (formerly AFA) within the Office of Financial Strategy and Planning (OFSP)  efficiently and effectively helps academic and administrative departments understand financial policies  and processes and in their primary function, initiates financial transactions on behalf of those  departments. In FY22, the team processed close to 10,000 transactions with 83% being completed  within 0-2 business days all while being down an FTE during the 4th quarter (and busiest time of year)!

Environmental Stewardship

Facilities Management - Applications Engineering team
Jeffrey Powers and Steve Meunier
The Applications Engineering team provided installation of new heating and cooling controls, increased comfort, reliability  and operational energy savings with significant installation cost savings. Major savings were realized by not having to pay contractor costs for project management, engineering, programming and commissioning. In addition they improved Brown’s process for generating work orders through the integration of the building automation system to Planon, and elevated trade staff performance through a training program. They continue to monitor our systems by reviewing trend data and data analytics to ensure our equipment is working efficiently. 


Emily Kasbohm, Office of Information Technology
Emily automated a combination of new and existing platform management functions that will allow both the Office of University Communications' (OUC) Web and Digital team and the Office of Information Technology's (OIT) Web Services team to collaboratively gain momentum and accelerate the migration of existing web sites into the new Drupal Cloud hosting environment. Her work has dramatically reduced the engineering complexity around managing Drupal Cloud and empowers the OUC Web and Digital team to be more efficient in their work. 


Ernest Harris, Facilities Management
Ernie Harris took over the leadman position in plumbing and electrical at the beginning of the year. His determination to make an impact while transitioning to this new position has been a great success. He has worked diligently with the new hires and made sure they had everything they needed to to set them up for success and provide excellent service to the Brown community. Ernie worked tirelessly to assist the manager of plumbing and electrical while the plumbing supervisor was out on medical leave. He was also instrumental in setting up the pilot program for truck inventory with Stores Operations for Facilities as well as with the Planon mobile application.

Rising Star

Alyssa Mefford, Advancement
Alyssa made an immediate impact in Advancement, assisting the Corporate and Foundations Relations (CFR) team to attain a higher level of excellence in corporate and foundation fundraising operations. Her work created a new benchmark for their standard operating procedures and enabled them to begin to provide reports demonstrating the impact of corporate and foundation constituencies at Brown and which inform data-informed strategies to scale CFR’s work and impact. 

Kristoffer Tangen, Residential Life
Kristoffer Tangen joined the Office of Residential Life just over a year ago, and was a major contributor to the success of the first year orientation program this year. His accomplishments include an outstanding training program of peer mentors, and a thoughtful plan for activities and education that  enabled first-year students to learn Brown values, and find community, belonging, and support in their  first days on campus. 

Stephanie Norris, Residential Life
Stephanie joined Brown's Office of Residential Life in November 2020 as a Facilities and Operations  Coordinator. She made an immediate impact, and was soon promoted to the newly established Key  Office Supervisor position in early 2021. She has always been an exemplary employee, and was  therefore a prime candidate for her current role, Program Manager of Residential Operations, which she  assumed in March 2022. Stephanie brings enthusiasm, attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and  incredible customer service to her work. 


Campus Life - FLi Scholars Program
Julio Reyes and Renata Mauriz
Over the past five years, Julio Reyes and Renata Mauriz have created and developed the FLi Scholars  Program (FLiSP) out of the Undocumented, First-generation-college, Low-income Student (U-FLi) Center.  FLiSP is a year-long student development and community-building cohort program for first-year  students who identify with the undocumented, first generation-college, and/or low-income student  populations. The program provides first-year students with individualized strengths-based advising,  comprehensive understanding of campus resources and affirming communities of support. Julio and  Renata built this program from the ground up and they provide the advising and support for U-FLi  students. 

Facilities Management - Grounds
Javier Munoz, Neil Botelho, Mark Lindenberg, Joaquim Pipa, Ertugrul Kaya, Pedro Morais, Michael Hamel, John Greene, Paulo Miranda, John Hanni, George Bell, Emanuel Simas, Eric Halpern, Robert Farizer, Sean Mulligan, Michael Martin, Joseph Ferreira, Hermano Fortes, Albert Pereira, John Prisco, Richard Marshall
The Grounds crew is being honored for the behind the scenes work both on the incredible blizzard in January where they worked under extreme conditions for 34 hours over a three day period hauling snow out of parking lots, parking spaces, loading docks, and fields to ensure Brown could operate under normal circumstances in the days following the storm. They are also being recognized for their work on the double Commencement where they worked tirelessly to ensure that the campus was pristine and everything went off without a hitch. Arriving at midnight on Saturday morning, the Grounds Department began the monumental task of cleaning up after the Campus Dance. As the sun rose, final touches were being made to ensure that the Class of 2020 procession at 9:30AM was not impacted. Once the 2020 Ceremony began the Grounds Department began preparing for the Baccalaureate that was scheduled to begin at 1pm. The majority of the staff of Division 5 worked a total of 18 hours that Saturday! With a very long day behind them, the Grounds Staff were able to head home for a few hours to rest before they returned the following day to setup for the 2022 Commencement Ceremony. All the typical challenges of a Commencement Sunday were met and accomplished. The Campus was clean and litter free, trash and debris was removed from tents and event spaces, tape was applied down College Hill for the 2022 procession, and Commencement skirting was adjusted. Another 12 hour day was logged to help ensure the 2022 Commencement Ceremony and departmental ceremonies went off without a hitch.