Presentation Skills Certificate Program

Presentation Skills Certificate Program

On temporary hiatus Fall 2020

The Presentation Skills Certificate Program gives participants the necessary skills to deliver presentations effectively. To become certified,  participants must complete four modules live instructor-led sessions.

Effective Body Language in Presentations If not used properly, gestures and body language can be distracting and detract from your message. In this session, you will learn to hone your speaking skills by channeling nervous energy into purposeful movement.

Effective Preparation Techniques for Presentations Preparation is the key to making great presentations, and it's the best way to reduce both nervousness and the fear of public speaking. In this session, you will learn several tips to effectively prepare for successful presentations.

Reducing Clutter in Presentations The attention span of an audience is limited. Clutter can steal your audience’s attention and reduce the effectiveness of your message. In this session, you will learn techniques for minimizing and/or eliminating clutter from your presentations.

Presentation Skills Certificate Program Capstone - Skills Practice Attendees will deliver short presentations (8 - 10 minutes) and receive feedback from the instructor and participants. To register for the capstone, participants must have completed the Presentation Skills Certificate Program curriculum which includes:

  • Effective Body Language for Presentations
  • Effective Preparation Techniques for Presentations
  • Reducing Clutter in Presentations