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Back to School!

With education at the core of our mission, the University is committed to bringing the best of Brown — our people, tools and resources — to partner with our local schools.
Join us at one of our local, neighborhood schools to engage in various activities to help enrich students' learning and perhaps even transform physical spaces! 
Activities will vary based on school needs.

Hosted by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Behind the Scenes of Brown's New Performing Arts Center

Tour the Performing Arts Center, a new building that will support performance, teaching and research for music, theater and dance. With a radical, one-of-a-kind approach to spatial, acoustic and technical flexibility, this building is designed to inspire innovative new art-making, enable unprecedented artistic collaboration and serve as a hub for performance at Brown.

Matthew Cate, Project Manager, Facilities Management

Tour | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a) 

Behind the Scenes of the DPS Communications Center

Join Department of Public Safety Lt. Elayna Boucher and her team for a tour of the Communications Center. Get an overview of the systems they monitor and meet the staff members who work behind the scenes.

Elayna Boucher, Lieutenant, Public Safety

Tour | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Dancing Robots

Have you ever seen a robot dance? Join Eric Rosen, a Ph.D. student in computer science who this spring taught the course Choreorobotics 101 with Professor Stefanie Tellex, for a performance demonstration using the Boston Dynamics Spot software system.

Eric Rosen, Graduate Student, Computer Science

Demo | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Election 2022 Forecast

After one of the most polarizing and highest-turnout Presidential elections in modern history, Democrat Joe Biden was elected with a Democratic House and a divided U.S. Senate under narrow Democratic majority control. In Rhode Island, there are contests for all statewide offices and there is an open congressional seat for the first time in more than a decade. Join Professor Wendy Schiller for an expert analysis on current American politics and projections for the coming months and years. Schiller is the Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, director of the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy, and professor of international and public affairs at Brown.

Wendy J. Schiller-Kalunian, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence in Political Science, Director, Taubman Center for American Politics & Policy, Director of Graduate Studies, Political Science (Spring 2022), Professor of Public & International Affairs"

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Explore Health and Wellness at Brown

Brown’s new Wellness Center brings together health services and wellness education and programming in one location. Learn more about how the center, along with Sternlicht Commons residence hall, provide an environment for students committed to developing and sustaining healthy lifestyles and studying holistic global approaches to wellness. The session will include a brief presentation followed by a tour of the building’s public spaces.

Paul Dietel, Assistant Vice President, Planning, Design & Construction, Facilities Management

Tour | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Facilities Management 101

Unsure of how to submit a work order, request a space study or seek moving support with Facilities Management? Ever wondered how the University plans, designs and carries out construction on campus building and renovation projects? The session will provide insight into Facilities Management, including the roles and responsibilities of each group within the team.

Deborah Dunphy, Director Of Facilities Services, Facilities Management

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Introduction to the Brown Design Workshop

Learn how to use the amazing maker tools in the Brown Design Workshop, including a laser cutter and 3D printer, to work with wood, metal and other materials. Workshop Director Chris Bull will lead a tour of the lab space and available equipment.

Chris Bull, Director of Brown Design Workshop/Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering

Demo | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Parent and Family Engagement

The ability to engage with parents and families has become an important skill for university staff.  Please join us to learn how your department can best communicate with families and strategies to respond to parent inquiries.  In this interactive session, Mikele St-Germain, the Director of Parent & Family Engagement, will provide you with information about available resources, best practices, and an overview of how the newly formed Department of Parent and Family Engagement can be a strategic partner to your office.

Mikele St. Germain, Director of Parent and Family Engagement, Campus Life & Student Services

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Public Art Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt to find the amazing public art and glorious hidden gems throughout the Brown campus. Divided into teams, you will be given a map showing the location of the exhibits along with more information about the exhibits you will discover. Each team will decide on their strategy since there are just too many amazing things to see in the time we have for the hunt. Should your team focus on just seeing some cool art? Going to the most exhibits? Exploring one part of campus in depth, or visiting many different areas? Staying outdoors? Collecting the hardest exhibits with the most points? Gathering extra points?

Alison Buckser, Rebekah McKinney, and Alyssa Mefford, Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations, Division of Advancement.

Tour | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

The Ins and Outs of Service Requests

Facilities Management service requests help keep our campus clean and maintained. Learn how and when to submit a service request and gain insight into how the team resolves these requests — including how Facilities is leveraging QR code technology to keep our campus looking its best.

Colin Johnson, Associate Director of Systems and Services, Facilities Management

Instructor-led Session | Hybrid | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Tools and Tricks of the Trades

Join Facilities Management for an overview of the Structural Trades division and participate in one of a series of workshops. Watch a locksmith rebuild and repair a mortise lockset before pinning a core — a typical part of their day’s work on a college campus. Learn how to safely use epoxy resin to create anything from ornaments to tables, and take home your own creation. Watch skilled carpenters fabricate a custom cabinet door from scratch, showcasing new tools such as the three-way shaper. Or work with a carpenter to fabricate your own photo frame.

Tom Macchi, Director, Facilities Operations, Facilities Management

Demo | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Tour of Sharpe Refectory

Did you know that Sharpe Refectory serves 3,000 to 50,00 meals daily during the academic year? Participate in a rare, behind-the-scenes look into one of the largest kitchens in Rhode Island. Join Chef Manager Kirby Dorius for a tour of both the back and front of the house, including the bakeshop and catering operations, along with a quick history of the dining hall.

Kirby Dorius, Sharpe Chef Manager, Dining Services

Tour | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Afternoon SESSIONS (1:15p - 2:30p)

Brown Arts Institute at the Performing Arts Center

Get a glimpse of how the Brown Arts Institute will be making the most of the new Performing Arts Center. Join BAI staff members to hear about new programs, classes and plans for community involvement.

Chira DelSesto, Director of Programs and Operations, Brown Arts Institute

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Brown University Campus Tour 

Did you join the Brown University community recently? Would you like to familiarize yourself with the various spaces across Brown's campus that enhance the learning environment, enliven our community, and enrich our culture? Please join Chief of Staff to the President Marguerite Joutz and Assistant to the President for Special Projects Olugbenga Joseph for a special campus tour for employees.

Olugbenga A Joseph, Assistant to the President

Marguerite Joutz, Chief of Staff to the President

Tour | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Get To Know the Faculty Club

Did you know that Faculty Club membership is open to all Brown staff and faculty members? Learn more about the club and its benefits with a guided tour of the historical building on Bannister Street and a culinary demonstration led by Andrew Geoghegan, director of the Faculty Club and Catering Operations, and Jeffrey Hoit, manager of Bon Appétit, the company that manages food services on campus.

Andrew Geoghegan, Director of Faculty Club and Catering Operations

Dining Services

Tour | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Rooftop Observatory Tour

Come check out the observatory on the roof of Barus and Holley and learn how Brown’s telescope provides wonderful views of our moon, planets and deep-sky objects. If the weather cooperates, a solar telescope will be set up for your viewing pleasure.

Bob Horton, Manager, Astronomy Labs & Ladd Observatory, Physics

Tour | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Tour Brown's Beautiful Grounds

Join Grounds Superintendent Nic Mol for a tour of Brown's extensive grounds, historical quads and ceremonial gardens. You'll learn how the Grounds team maintains it all. The tour will start at the Van Wickle Gates and will be held rain or shine. 

Nick Mol, Grounds Superintendent, Facilities Management

Tour | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)