Faculty Spotlight


Morning Sessions (10:15a -11:30a)

Alternatives to Animals in Testing

A paradigm shift in the safety testing of drugs and chemicals is inevitable. Join experts from Brown University’s Center for Alternatives to Animals in Testing for a conversation about the evolution of this field and how new and exciting alternatives are replacing the use of animals in research.

Jeff Morgan, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Birds, Bats and Flying Robots: The Aeromechanics and Animal Flight Wind Tunnel at Brown

Join Professor of Engineering Kenny Breuer for a tour of one of Brown’s unique research facilities: a wind tunnel used to study flight in birds, bats and flapping-wing robots. Watch videos and demonstrations and learn more about this research. (Please note: This tour will require standing and walking.)

Kenny Breuer, Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering

Tour | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Leveraging Neuroscience for a More Natural AI

Progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has spawned great successes in many engineering applications. Artificial neural networks are now approaching — and sometimes even surpassing — human accuracy on a variety of visual recognition tasks. In this talk, however, Professor Thomas Serre will show how modern AI systems sometimes fail to solve seemingly simple visual reasoning problems and how neuroscience principles can be used to guide the development of modern AI systems and help address some of their limitations.

Thomas Serre, Associate Director of the Center for Computational Brain Science, Director for the Center for Computation and Visualization, Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, Professor of Computer Science, Cognitive Linguistic & Psychological Sciences

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Morning (10:15a -11:30a)

Afternoon sessions (1:15p - 2:30p)

Fighting Misinformation: A Practical Guide

What’s the difference between misinformation and disinformation? Who creates it, and why? Why are we all so susceptible to this type of information, and how can we talk to family and friends about it? Learn everything you need to know in this practical session led by Claire Wardle, professor in the Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice at Brown’s School of Public Health and co-founder of First Draft, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities from harmful misinformation.

Claire Wardle, Professor of the Practice of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Public Health-Health Services Policy & Practice

Instructor-led Session | Zoom Webinar (for large 150+ sessions) | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

How Did the Poison Get In the Wine? Roots of the New World Disorder

News seems to keep getting worse. As we emerge from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confronted by challenges to our democratic institutions, a world shaken by war and a planet threatened by climate disaster. Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, will share some thoughts on how we got here and where we may be headed.

Stephen Kinzer, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

Like I've Never Been Born: The Centrality of Mattering in Everyday Life

Perhaps the most fundamental need that human beings, as social creatures, seek to satisfy is the sense that we matter to other people, that we make a real difference in the lives of those around us. To matter to others is one of the prime motivations underlying human behavior; we will do almost anything to make sure that others notice us or relate to us. In this talk, Professor of Sociology Gregory C. Elliott will demonstrate the saving value of mattering by examining the consequences of believing one fails to matter to others.

Gregory C. Elliott, Professor of Sociology, Sociology

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

The Mindful College Student

Join Eric Loucks, associate professor of epidemiology and director of the Mindfulness Center at Brown, for a discussion about Mindfulness Research and programs at Brown. Eric will also discuss his new book “The Mindful College Student: How to Succeed, Boost Well-Being, and Build the Life You Want at University and Beyond.” The book offers mindfulness habits for young people that can lead to better mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Eric Loucks, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)

What's the Universe Really Made Of?

Come learn and talk about dark matter, dark energy and all the weird and strange things that Professor Ian Dell'Antonio and his colleagues in the Department of Physics observe as they work to understand the Universe and what’s in it.

Ian Dell'Antonio, Professor of Physics, Physics

Instructor-led Session | In-person | Afternoon (1:15p - 2:30p)