Workday First Steps

Workday is Brown's integrated administrative information system for human resources, financial management and other business functions. It will be important for you, as a new employee, to log into Workday in the first few days on the job to complete your employment record and enroll in benefits. Once you've activated your electronic account services, you'll be able to use the user name and password you establish to log in to Workday.

For an introduction to navigating the Workday system, please visit the Workday Project Training Page, which includes screencasts and How-To documents for getting familiar with the system and performing tasks. New employees will receive the following three tasks in their Workday inbox to complete on or around their first day of work:

  • Complete Personal Information
  • New Hire Next Steps
  • New Hire Benefits Elections

New employees will also want to do the following to ensure their records are complete in Workday:

Brown University employees will need to access Workday periodically to view and maintain information related to compensation and benefits. Employees who manage others or who hold positions that require different Workday roles will be contacted by Brown's Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) for more specific training.