Maitrayee Bhattacharyya, Associate Dean of the College for Diversity Programs Director of the Brown University-Tougaloo College Partnership

Maitrayee Bhattacharyya earned an A.B at Brown with a double concentration in International Relations and French Studies. She later went on to pursue advanced degrees in Sociology at Princeton, earning her A.M in 2000 and her Ph.D. in 2006. An active alum, she is currently the Vice President of the class of 1991.  Before joining the Dean's office, she served as Acting Director of the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.

Maitrayee's research has addressed issues of race and representation in higher education. Before launching her doctoral studies at Princeton she was employed by Gordon and Gordon Associates, a non-profit consulting group aimed at improving academic achievement of students of diverse backgrounds. She also served as a research consultant for both the College Entrance Examination Board, where she worked on the Board's Equity 2000 educational reform initiative; and for the U.S. Department of Education, where she analyzed outcomes from a policy conference on race, class, and gender inequality. At Princeton, Maitrayee conducted research with children of immigrants, leading to a dissertation on marital assimilation among Asians raised in the United States. She also had the opportunity to teach, assisting in sociology courses at Princeton that dealt with the topics of race and ethnicity, and with class, race, and gender inequality. From 2006-2010, she served on a National Study Group on Supplementary Education, convened by The College Board and Columbia Teachers College.

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