The prevention of and response to sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual violence, relationship and interpersonal violence, and stalking remains an area of critical importance to Brown University. Based on the 2015 recommendations of the Sexual Assault Task Force, the university committed to conducting a review of Title IX every three years. The first review was completed in 2016. 

The Steering Committee on Equity and Diversity (SCED) was charged with conducting the second review. The 2019 review consist of: (1) Assessment of trainings (specifically related to reporting incidents, members of the adjudication process, and prevention education), (2) Evaluation of the current case management system, and (3) Evaluation of the progress of the recommendations of the former Title IX Oversight and Advisory Board and the original Sexual Assault Task Force. 

The Sexual Assault Task Force 2015 Report and the Title IX Three-Year Review Reports for 2016 and 2019 are found below.