During the comment period for the initial working draft of Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University (shared with the Brown community on November 19, 2015), there were 62 submissions, edits, comments, etc. in the category of inclusion (see the Proposals Received section below listing the input). Appendix D of the final DIAP summarizes how the University addressed this input in the final revisions to the DIAP.

There was much concern from the community that staff received relatively little attention in the draft DIAP. There were several suggestions to improve HR-related practices involving staff, including hiring and recruitment, advancement, and performance review. Many respondents proposed disaggregating staff diversity data with respect to pay grades of HUG and female staff.

There was a proposal to improve the pipeline of HUG (historically underrepresented group) staff and increase hiring from the local community. There were calls for greater support for student-facing staff, especially HUG staff that carry the disproportionate weight of working with HUG students. Respondents also called for staff-specific support (e.g., within HR) for staff with disabilities or with LGBTQ+ related issues. Those staff members currently have to go to student-facing colleagues to receive support services around those issues.

There were several calls to improve training for staff around cultural competency.

Proposals Received: Staff Hiring

  • Identify the grade levels and departments of HUG staff currently employed at Brown.
  • Commit to hiring one to two staff members in HR who have the capacity and skill to deal with disability and LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Provide departments with increased support from HR on methods to broaden and diversify hiring pools, including resources to advertise jobs to minority applicants, and training on how to assess the cultural competence of job applicants.
  • Reassess education requirements for certain staff positions at higher grades (8+), which may be limiting our ability to recruit experienced HUG candidates.
  • Explore a partnership between Brown and Year Up, an organization that provides training and support to young urban adults, to create opportunities for local urban youth to train for skilled jobs in areas like information technology (IT) and administrative support.