Student Support

Student and Employee Accessibility Services Student and Employee Accessibility Services coordinates services and accommodations for students, faculty and staff with physical, psychological, sensory, and learning disabilities. SEAS is also available for consultation with Brown community members who are questioning whether they may have a disability, have questions about working with someone who has a disability, or have a temporary condition that may require accommodations or services.

Counseling and Psychological Services
All of Brown’s Counseling and Psychological Services clinicians are required to have experience in working with students from diverse backgrounds. The office provides ongoing programming for students on topics, including ethnic and racial identity, hate crimes in Asian American communities, psychological barriers to self-esteem and intimacy in the LGBTA community, and group sessions on culture consciousness.

University Health Services
Working with a wide range of individual and student organizations, University Health Services is dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Programs range from sexual health to relaxation techniques, from eating disorders to domestic abuse.

Dining Services
Dining Services offers Kosher and Halal meal plan options for observant Jewish and Muslim students, served in a separate section of the Refectory. This enables students to adhere to dietary laws while also dining with friends.

Chaplains and Religious Life
The Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life works collaboratively with nearly two-dozen student organizations, spanning the breadth of Brown’s religious diversity and involving more than 40% of the student population. The office cares for and responds to the broad pastoral needs of Brown’s faculty, staff and students.