Request Form

OIR is committed to supporting the mission of Brown. Our office receives many requests and tries to accommodate as many as can be managed alongside our regular work cycle and staff capacity. We have created a form to help optimize our ability to respond to requests while also providing clear guidance to data-seekers. Before making a request, please examine the extensive data and data tools that are already available on our website. If you cannot find what you need, please complete this form with specific details about your request so that we may best serve you.

For requests such as transcripts, mailing lists, student record reports, course reports, etc., please fill out the Registrar's form.

All requests must fulfill a need specific to the academic or administrative operation of the University. We do not fulfill requests by faculty or students for academic research or classroom use (i.e., course projects, surveys, scholarly research). Please see Student Data Release Policy and Guidelines for more information.

We will work with you to determine a timeline for completion - in general, we require at least 2 weeks. The complexity of your request and the availability of our staff to complete your request will ultimately decide the timeline. If you are working with a strict deadline, please give us as much advanced notice as possible.

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