Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Information

There are many preventative measures a department can take to reduce their risk of property losses (damage/theft). The Public Safety website offers crime prevention tips for Building/Office Security CIS also provides some information on Physical Security for portable technology

The Insurance Office works in conjunction with the University's Crime Prevention Officer to make recommendations regarding equipment security. Our departments are available to assist in making recommendations for unique situations.

Standard recommendations such as the following have already been established.

  • Lock offices when unattended.
  • Departments that have notebook computers, or highly portable peripheral equipment, should use a "sign out" procedure in order to verify the location of these units.
  • One way to minimize the disruption caused by losses is to keep current back ups of critical information. These back ups should not be stored in the same location as the primary source of information. If the disruption were due to a fire of flood type event, a back up stored in the same location would also be lost.
  • Notebook computers must not be left unattended in unlocked areas.
  • For tracking and recovery services for your Windows PC, Public Safety offers some options. Visit Brown University Department of Public Safety - Laptop Safety to read more about Public Safety's Laptop Safety tips.
  • Highly portable notebook computers and other peripheral equipment should be stored behind a locked door in addition to being stored in a locked storage cabinet, such as a desk, file cabinet, etc., if feasible.
  • A/V equipment must be properly secured with an anti-theft device.
  • When traveling, notebook computers must not be checked as baggage or stored in overhead storage compartments.
  • Loss prevention tips for Research Freezers