Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy (PT) Program is designed to assist employees who require PT during work hours as a result of an accepted Workers’ Compensation claim.

This program applies to employees who require PT as a result of an accepted Workers’ Compensation Claim, in a modified duty status, requiring release time for medically required PT during the workday. Employees will be allowed up to one hour per day for a maximum of three (3) days per week (total three (3) hours per week), to attend PT, doctor appointments or diagnostic tests, etc. Time away from work will not be charged against the employee’s entitlements when this PT Program is applied. This program is meant to “make whole” an employee’s pay and is not to pay the employee to attend PT outside of normally scheduled working hours.

Must obtain prior approval from his/her immediate supervisor and agree upon the release and return time. This will preferably be at the beginning or the end of each shift, so as to minimally impede the work schedule. Otherwise, the employee has the obligation to return to work after the designated one hour period. Must have medically documented need for PT due to a work-related injury. PT sessions should be scheduled during non-work hours, whenever possible. The time allowed for release is not to be used for errands or other personal business.

Time away from work longer than one hour will be charged to the employee as sick or vacation time per the home department’s language on the usage of such entitlements. Review an employee’s use and/or abuse of the PT Program and take appropriate actions.