Welcome to the Office of Internal Audit Services!

We are "Committed to excellence, committed to you and your goals"

The mission of Brown's Office of Internal Audit Services (Office) is to help the Corporation protect University resources and enhance the achievement of enterprise-wide strategies by evaluating and monitoring risks, processes and policies significant to the University's mission.

Internal auditing at Brown University is an independent, objective assurance and consultative activity designed to add value to the organization. The internal audit program is intended to assist the University in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management, control, and governance processes.

The Office assists the Corporation and partners with University management to support Brown's mission and help its departments, units, and functions achieve their goals and objectives. For additional information on the Office's scope of work and responsibilities please see the Audit Charter.

The Chief University Auditor functionally reports to the Audit Committee of the Corporation and administratively to the Executive VP for Finance and Administration. In order to maintain independence, the Office does not have operating responsibilities for management processes or internal controls.

Our audits, reviews, and other services focus on Compliance, Financial, Operational, Construction, Information Technology, Advisory/Consulting, and Investigation projects. For additional information on these services, please see Types of Audit.

For information on the planning, performance and completion of audits, please see the FAQ section.