About the Year of China

The Year of China: Opening Doors, Opening Minds

The Year of China, a program during the 2011-2012 academic year, examined China in the broadest possible terms - its culture, history, people, geography and neighbors, and its relation to the world. This broadened perspective, some might refer to as Greater China, incorporated not only the historical homeland but also those communities whose history traces their migratory roots back to China. The Year of China initiative explored China's past, where it is now, and its possible future through an array of programs across disciplines.  For detailed information about the year's programming, please visit our events archive which includes links to video recordings, photos, and articles from past events.

The Year of China aimed to achieve several goals:

  • Introduce China by celebrating its culture, history, geography, and people.
  • Advance the presence of China at Brown and the presence of Brown in China through participation from students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.
  • Examine the current and future role of China on the world stage and its special relationship with the United States.

Overarching programmatic themes for the Year of China helped to accomplish the goals of the initiative and allow for a broad investigation:

To read more about the planning behind this initiative please see the Q & A article with Prof. Chung-I Tan, Director of the Year of China.

Photo Credit: Xahldera