Brown and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Begun in 2006, the partnership between Brown and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has resulted in the development of several different programs. Most recently, in August 2011, Brown President Ruth Simmons and CUHK Vice Chancellor and President Joseph Sung met to sign three agreements establishing new programs and renewing collaborations between the two universities.

  • Brown in Hong Kong is an undergraduate exchange program that promotes study abroad for undergraduates at our partner institution.
  • Brown Plus One extends the undergraduate exchange. Signed in 2011, the program allows Brown students to spend one or two semesters of study at CUHK while completing their baccalaureate degrees at Brown and then to devote an additional year of study abroad to earning a Master’s degree from CUHK.
  • Brown-CUHK Summer Institute enables a joint cohort of students from the two institutions to engage in a program of study during the summer on a common topic from two geographical points-of-view. Students spend four weeks each in Hong Kong and Providence.
  • PhD Student Exchange Program offers advanced doctoral students opportunities for short-term research visits at the partner university.
  • Brown-CUHK Language Teaching Fellowship provides graduates of CUHK’s Masters Program in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition a two-year professional development teaching internship hosted by Brown’s East Asian Studies Department.
  • Brown-CUHK Global Forum, finalized in 2011, is an initiative of the Office of International Affairs to foster closer faculty research ties through short-term faculty exchanges.