Brown University offers a variety of courses across academic disciplines. Below are courses related to Greater China that were offered during the Fall Semester 2011 and Spring Semester 2012.  For more courses about Asia, please see the East Asian Studies Department or visit the University's course catalog.

Fall Semester 2011

Dept. Course ID
Title Instructor
AMCV 2550C Advanced Seminar on Asian American History Robert George Lee
 CHIN  0100-0200 Basic Chinese
Lung-hua Hu
 CHIN  0150-0250 Advanced Beginning Chinese
Jialing Huang Hsieh
 CHIN 0300, 0400 Intermediate Chinese Lung-hua Hu
 CHIN 0500, 0600
Advanced Modern Chinese I Jialing Huang Hsieh
 CHIN 0700, 0800
Advanced Modern Chinese II
Hsin-I Tseng
 CHIN  0910B Introduction to Classical Chinese
Jungchih Tsai
 CHIN  0910C Introduction to Modern Chinese Prose Jungchih Tsai
 CHIN  1040 Modern Chinese Literature Lingzhen Wang
China Through the Lens: History, Cinema & Critical Discourse Lingzhen Wang
 EAST  1950Q Early Chinese Poetry Dore J. Levy
 ECON  1590 The Economy of China since 1949 Louis Putterman
 HIAA  0110 Ancient China: Art & Archaeology Maggie Bickford
HIAA 1040H The Shape of Good Fortune Maggie Bickford
HIST 0410 Introduction to East Asian Civilization: China Cynthia Brokaw
MCM 1202E Extreme Asian Cinema: Contemporary Genre Cinemas in an East
Asian Context
Michelle Cho
PPAI 1701G Science and Technology Policy in the Global South Geri M. Augusto
RELS 0120 Foundations of Chinese Religions Harold D. Roth

Spring Semester 2012

Dept. Course ID
Title Instructor
AMCV 1904J-S01 The Asian American Movement: Communities, Politics and Culture Robert George Lee
CHIN 0200 Basic Chinese Lung-Hua Hu
CHIN 0250 Advanced Beginning Chinese Jia-Lin Huang Hsieh
CHIN 0400 Intermediate Chinese Lung-Hua Hu
CHIN 0600 Advanced Modern Chinese I Hsin-I Tseng
CHIN 0800 Advanced Modern Chinese II Hsin-I Tseng
CHIN 0920C The Changing Face of China: Advanced Reading in Chinese Media Yang Wang
COLT 1810I-S01 Gates of Asia Dore J. Levy
EAST 1950B Chinese Women, Gender and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives Lingzhen Wang

1950F The Karma of Words Janine Sawada
EAST 1950G Market Economy, Popular Culture, and Mass Media in Contemporary China Lingzhen Wang
Development and the International Economy Louis Putterman
Chinese Painting during the Song Dynasty Maggie Bickford
HIAA 2040D-S01 The Garden And China Maggie Bickford
HIST 1510A-S01 China's Late Empires Cynthia Brokaw
1976N-S01 Religion, Social Justice, and Popular Protest in China, Past and Present Cynthia Brokaw
RELS 1415A-S01 Classical Daoist Thought Hal Roth