Dr. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao Visit

December 1
4:00 PM
Room 368 (CIT 3rd Floor)
366 Brook Street

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
Tsinghua University
"Quantum Computing: A Great Science in the Making"
The 11th Annual Paris C. Kanellakis Distinguished Lecture

In recent years, the scientific world has seen much excitement over the development of quantum computing, and the ever increasing possibility of building real quantum computers. What's the advantage of quantum computing? What are the secrets in the atoms that could potentially unleash such enormous power, to be used for computing and information processing? In this talk, quantum computing was examined, and the case that we are witnessing a great science in the making was made.  

This lecture series honors Paris Kanellakis, a distinguished computer scientist who was an esteemed and beloved member of the Brown Department of Computer Science. Paris joined the Department in 1981 and became a full professor in 1990. His research area was theoretical computer science, with emphasis on the principles of database systems, logic in computer science, the principles of distributed computing and combinatorial optimization. He died in an airplane crash on December 20, 1995, along with his wife, Maria Teresa Otoya, and their two young children, Alexandra and Stephanos Kanellakis.

To see the full video from this lecture, please visit Brown University on YouTube

Dr. Yao presented this year's Paris C. Kanellakis Distinguished Lecture.Dr. Yao presented this year's Paris C. Kanellakis Distinguished Lecture.

December 2
12:00 PM
Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Englander Studio
154 Angell Street

Panel discussion: Trends of Globalization: Some Perspectives from Asian Universities

Moderated by President Ruth J. Simmons

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Tshingua University
Matthew Gutmann, Vice President for International Affairs; Professor of Anthropology
Franco Preparata, An Wang Professor of Computer Science
Lingzhen Wang, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies
Globalization or internationalization has been a growing trend among institutions of higher learning around the whole world. Today’s panel anticipates the future growth in globalization among all leading universities of the world. 

This panel discussion will explore higher education systems in both the United States and Asia.  How can we work together? What kinds of partnerships are possible?  In this increasingly globalized world, we will examine the characteristics that constitute a leading university, and contemplate how such institutions should be evaluated in the future. 

To see a full video from this discussion, please visit Brown University on YouTube.

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President Simmons moderated the discussion.President Simmons moderated the discussion.