Leslie T. Chang Visit

Talk by Leslie T. Chang: Factory Girls
October 11
4:00-5:30 PM
Salomon Center for Teaching, Main Green

Journalist Leslie T. Chang spoke at this year's First Readings lecture.  The author of Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China. Ms. Chang discussed mistakes she made and lessons she learned while researching and writing the book. She described changes in the Chinese factory world since Factory Girls was published, showed photos, and shared updates about the lives of the women whose stories she tells in the book.

Please visit Brown's webcast to see the full recording of Leslie T. Chang's First Readings lecture.

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Poster for First Readings Lecture

A Century, and More, of Chinese Students Studying Abroad
October 12
4:00-5:30 PM
Barus & Holley, Room 190

According to the Institute of International Education, in 2010, Chinese students in the US numbered 127, 628. In combination with their brethren from Taiwan, the number swelled to over 154 thousand, nearly a quarter of the total of international students globally. This rapid increase especially reflects the rapid rise in college enrollments in China since 1997, from 6 million to more than 30 million today; a second important factor driving this outflow is the rapidly increasing number of families who can afford the cost of an overseas education.

This panel explored the historical antecedents of this remarkable flow of students, how this history shaped the trajectory of exchange, as well as the impact of US-China educational exchange at Brown.

Panelists field a question from the audiencePanelists field a question from the audienceParticipants included author Prof. Edwards Rhoads (Stepping Forth into the World: The Chinese Educational Mission to the United States, 1872-81); Leslie T. Chang (Factory Girls), Brown University Prof. Jay Tang, as well as current student and filmmaker, Yue Shen.  Moderated by John Eng-Wong.

To see a full recording of this panel discussion, please visit Brown University on YouTube.

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Sponsored by the Year of China, the Office of International Affairs, and the Office of the Dean of the College.