China…Page by Page

China…Page by Page

Reading groups grow in natural settings: among friends, in libraries, around neighborhoods, even in television audiences. They amplify learning and fellowship; they promote conversation and dialogue. The Year of China program provided an opportunity to enrich the reading group experience by bringing the talent of university resources to reading about a specific topic… China.

Events Archive:

October 12: Factory Girls
November 28: Nanjing Requiem
February 14, 2012: Business Case
April 10, 2012: The Man Who Loved China
May 10, 2012: How to Cook and Eat in Chinese

• On October 12 China…Page by Page opened its year with an event featuring Leslie Chang, the author of Factory Girls, in conversation with local reading group participants. Lownes Room, John Hay Library.  For more on Leslie Chang’s visit to Brown please visit the First Readings site.

On November 28 Ha Jin read from his newly released novel Nanjing Requiem.

•On February 14 Barrett Hazeltine, Professor of Engineering and Drew Mason ‘89 moderated a discussion of the business case, "China Risk Finance: Riding the Wave of China's Financial Services Industry."

•On April 10 2012  Lundy Braun, Professor of Medical Science at Brown and Carol Deboer- Langworthy, lecturer in English moderated a conversation about The Man Who Loved China.

•On May 10 a cooking demonstration and conversation focused on How to Cook and Eat Chinese with John Eng-Wong.