Year of China Themes

The Year of China: Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Each theme for the Year of China represented an important area of exploration:

  • Creating, Discovering, Producing: The arts and sciences have flourished over China’s long history, and these creations of culture define its present. Artists, filmmakers, writers and scholars highlighted dozens of programs devoted to illuminating the long trajectory of cultural production in China.

  • China in the World: China’s exceptional recent growth has had far reaching impacts.  Educational exchange has played a prominent role in China’s development strategy and Brown itself has benefitted from these exchanges.  China’s place in the world is a result of exchanges and circuits in all domains of human activity; in the Year of China we highlighted the reciprocities and relational processes at work.
  • The Unfolding Future: Given its status as a world power, China's internal development is a matter of global significance.  How China manages issues such as urbanization, environmental quality, economic equity, and political evolution will have crucial impacts on China’s future standing as a world leader and global partner. The Year of China explored these issues with significant support from the Watson Institute for International Studies.

For detailed information about the year's programming, please visit our events archive which includes links to video recordings, photos, and articles from past events.


Photo Credit: Larry Au '14