F-1 OPT and STEM OPT Address and Employment Reporting

MANDATORY: OPT and STEM OPT Reporting Requirements

Standard Pre-Completion and Post-Completion OPT

While on any period of approved OPT, an F-1 student is required to report the following events to the U.S. immigration services within 10 days of any change:

  • Start and/or end of any employment
  • Any period(s) of unemployment 
  • Change in residential (where you live in U.S.) address
  • Change in immigration status
  • Permanent departure from U.S. to end F-1 status

Students can report this information by submitting the OPT Address/Employer Update Form within 10 days of the change. Students should also submit to oisss@brown.edu a copy of their EAD card upon receipt of the document in the mail.

6-Month STEM OPT Reporting Requirement

Immigration regulations require that OISSS verifies whether or not any F-1 student on an approved STEM extension is participating in the employment every 6 months after the STEM extension begins. Failure to update the STEM OPT employment information within the 6-month reporting period is considered a violation of a student’s F-1 status. The reporting periods are every 6 months from the start date listed on the STEM EAD card.

This 6-month reporting requirement is in addition to the standard Employment and Address updates explained in the above section. While on STEM you must continue to report any change in employer, address and immigration status within 10 days of any change.