Grocery Stores and Specialty Food Markets

Food Markets


Eastside Marketplace
165 Pitman Street (at Butler Street), Providence, RI; 401-831-7771

Super Stop and Shop
333 West River Street, Providence, RI; 401-861-9300

Trader Joe’s Supermarket
1000 Bald Hill Road, Providence, RI; 401-821-5368

Whole Foods Market
261 Waterman Street, Providence RI; 401-272-1690
601 North Main Street, Providence, RI; 401-621-5990
51 Sockanosset Cross Road, Cranston, RI; 401-942-7600


Asiana Market - Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and other foods
92 Warren Avenue, East Providence, RI; 401-438-9992

Chinese American Mini-Market - Thai, Korean, Japanese, Philipino
834 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI; 401-467-4690

Davis Dairy Products - Dairy and Kosher products
721 Hope Street, Providence, RI; 401-331-4239

European Food Market - Specializing in food items from Russian, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Germany
102 Rolfe Street, Cranston, RI; 401-461-1097

Mi Rae Market - Japanese and Korean foods
602 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, RI; 401-781-9002

International Meat Grocery - African, Spanish and Asian foods
676 Cranston Street; Providence, RI; 401-941-7337

Jerusalem Meat Market - All Kinds of Halal Meat Available. Middle Eastern, and Indian, Pakistani foods
88 Rolfe Street, Cranston, RI; 401-467-8903

Mekong Market - Asian market
316 Broad Street, Providence, RI; 401-272-5769

Not Just Spices - Indian
863 Hope Street, Providence, RI; 401-351-6555

Ristorante Roma- Italian deli, bakery and market
310 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI; 401-331-8620

Sanchez Mexican Market – Mexican
676 Broad Street, Providence, RI; 401-831-5470

Venda Ravioli - Italian market and deli
275 Atwells Aveneu, Providence, RI; 401-421-9105