International @ Brown

Other Internationally-Focused Offices at Brown

Office of Global Engagement

 The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) supports Brown University ’s faculty and students by providing leadership, advocacy, and coordination for initiatives, projects, and activities centered on international and transnational research, education, and collaboration within specific schools, departments, centers, and/or across the institution. 

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is responsible for the management of study abroad opportunities for Brown undergraduates. OIP also works with students from other institutions who are interested in studying abroad on a Brown-sponsored program. 

Watson Institute of International Studies

 The Watson Institute is a community of scholars whose work aims to help us understand and address the world's great challenges, such as globalization, economic uncertainty, security threats, environmental degradation, and poverty. Focusing on three main areas – development, security, and governance – the Institute leverages Brown's tradition of true interdisciplinarity to foster innovative, policy-relevant scholarly activities. From Latin America to China, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia, the strongest theoretical models emerge through observations in the field.