Transfer Out

Transfer of J-1 Record to Another U.S. Institution

If a student decides to attend another full-time academic program at another U.S. academic institution either after they complete their Brown academic program or during their Brown program, the student must notify OISSS of their intent to transfer their J-1 record. When transferring from one school to another school within the United States, you must carefully follow certain procedures to maintain lawful J-1 status.

Eligibility Requirements for Transferring Out:

  • Student must currently be in valid J-1 status
  • MUST be maintaining same academic objective (same field of study)
  • MUST have requested transfer prior to end of program or academic activity
  • Must inform the OISSS in writing of intent to transfer (see instructions below). 

Transfer Procedures:

Submit the following to OISSS no later than 10 business days before your requested transfer date:

  • Completed Brown J-1 Transfer Form 
  • Admission letter from new school indicating term of admission
  • Copy of I-94 printout or copy of I-94 card (little white card in passport) showing most recent entry to U.S.
  • Transfer-in form from other school (if applicable)