Finding a Place To Live

Housing Options

On-Campus Housing

 Information for undergraduate and graduate students:
Office of Residential Life

Graduate Student Housing Resources:

Off Campus Housing

 For off-campus apartments, you will almost certainly be required to sign a lease (rental contract). Be sure to read the lease carefully before signing. When you sign a lease, you are legally committed to the conditions of the document, including payment of rent for all months of the agreement. Make sure you avoid leases that obligate you for more than a year. Most landlords will require a security deposit ranging from one or two months' rent. This deposit will be returned to you when you vacate the apartment, provided nothing has been damaged and you have maintained the conditions of the lease. You should be certain that you have found a satisfactory living situation before you sign any sort of a lease, as this is a binding legal contract.

To fill out a housing contract you may need the following:
• passport, visa, and I-94 printout/card
• financial declaration (proof of income or bank statement)
• bank account (to pay by check)
• Social Security Number (as soon as you get one) or some may accept your Brown University ID number
• deposit and fees (security deposit, redecoration fee, application fee, pet fee, etc.)

If possible, try to find a place to live before you arrive in Providence or budget money for temporary lodging.

Brown Auxiliary Housing
The Brown University Office of Auxiliary Housing offers many resources on their web site including an off-campus housing database and a guide for off-campus living.

Off Campus Apartment/Housing*:
There are several apartment listing resources on the internet. Many of these links include floor plans and pictures of the units. Providence's newspaper, the Providence Journal has a real estate section that includes apartments, houses, and condominiums for rent. You may also want to browse the classified section once you arrive to find home furnishings, cars and many other items.

Search online databases to find apartments for rent in Providence and the surrounding areas. Properties located on the East Side, in College Hill or Downtown are likely the closest to Brown University's campus. Among sites you may wish to consider are:


*Please note that the listing provided is meant as a sample only and does not constitute an endorsement of specific companies/services. 

Other useful housing references:
This housing guide provides tips for newcomers on matters such as finding temporary housing, understanding apartment listings and setting up utilities.

This Brown University Health Education Department resource may be especially helpful for students who will be sharing a room or apartment for the first time.

Graduate Students can contact the Graduate Student Council for off-campus housing resources.

The Men and Women of Brown has a Household Leasing Service for renting used furniture and household goods for your stay at Brown.