Transferring J-1 SEVIS Record

J-1 Exchange Visitors may transfer from one designated Exchange Visitor program to another designated Exchange Visitor program if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which the scholar was initially admitted.   The transfer process must be completed before the end date indicated on the DS-2019.

For Transfers to Brown University the prospective J-1 scholar must:

  • Consult with his or her current International Scholar Advisor about their intention to transfer to Brown University
  • Provide copies of their current DS-2019 to their Brown University sponsoring department.  The copy of the DS-2019 will need to be submitted along with the appointment request
  • Remain in valid J-1 status at their current institution up until the date of transfer to Brown University
  • Check in with OISSS within 3 days of starting at Brown University.  At this time the DS-2019 under Brown sponsorship will be provided to the scholar

For Transfer out of Brown University to another institution the current J-1 scholar must:

  • Notify OISSS of the transfer and complete the Transfer Eligibilty Form
  • Provide OISSS with a copy of the appointment letter from the new institution
  • Remain in valid J-1 status at Brown University up until the date of transfer to the new institution