Investment Office


The Brown University Investment Office, under the direction of the Brown University Investment Committee, manages the $3 billion Long-Term Pool ("LTP"), which includes endowed funds as well as current University funds.  The primary goal of the LTP is to support the University in perpetuity so that future generations of students and faculty receive at least the same level of inflation-adjusted support as the current generation.  Successful management of the LTP must therefore:

  • maintain or enhance the University's purchasing power, and
  • provide a stable spending stream to the University.

The Investment Office recommends policies and strategies, and hires and monitors external investment managers.  The LTP's asset allocation policy is widely diversified in order to produce attractive long-term stable returns.

The Investment Office accepts marketing inquiries from external investment managers and other third parties. Please use the Contact Us feature; your materials will be forwarded to one of our investment associates, and we will be in touch if we are interested in proceeding further.