Sustainability & Impact

Over the course of the 2017 fiscal year, the Investment Office worked with multiple partners to establish the Brown University Sustainable Investment Fund (BUSIF) with the aim of providing a new giving option for the Brown community. The partners in establishing the fund were the Office of the President, the Investment Committee of the Corporation, Brown’s Socially Responsible Investment Fund, students from the PLCY1710 course “The Theory and Practice of Sustainable Investing,” and other members of the Brown community. BUSIF funds are currently invested with the Parnassus Endeavor Fund. For more information about BUSIF please click here and to donate, please visit Brunonia.

This fund embraces Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, promoting active solutions to the challenges of climate change, among other environmental and societal concerns, while seeking superior financial performance. This fund is part of Brown’s efforts to promote sustainability across all of its categories of activity as outlined in President Paxson’s Building on Distinction plan. The Fund has the following characteristics:

Term Provision
Environmental, Social and Governance investment criteria The fund will invest in companies with strong ESG criteria that seek to foster sustainability solutions. Environmental considerations include pollution mitigation and renewable energy development, while social considerations include workplace conditions, human rights, and diversity. Good governance practices seek to identify well-run companies with robust checks and balances.
Accessibility The fund will be accessible to the entire Brown community by allowing donations of any size, i.e. there will be no minimum amount for a donation.
Support sustainability at Brown The Fund's payout will be at the Administration's discretion with a bias towards sustainability projects.
Fossil fuel free The fund will not be invested in companies engaged in the extraction, exploration, production, manufacturing or refining of fossil fuels.