Emergency Grants

When resources allow, Brown University maintains Emergency Grant and Employee Loan programs that may provide employees with financial support. However, as many members of the Brown community confront financial stresses from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has suspended these programs to devote critical resources toward more broadly supporting the needs of employees across the entire institution.

Last updated March 26, 2020


Employees eligible for full time benefits may apply for an emergency grant after completing 12 consecutive months of employment. Due to limited funds, priority will be given to employees who have not received Emergency Grant funds previously. Maximum grant of $5,000. 

General Information

The grant is to cover financial losses due to circumstances, which are no fault of the employee such as natural emergencies, accidents, catastrophes, deaths or illness. The grant is not to help employees out of financial trouble due to poor financial management.

An application including required financial information must be submitted to the Director of Financial Services.  A committee will be responsible for approval of applications. There is no recourse of appeal to the committee's decision.

There is no guarantee of approval and grants are limited to funds allocated for this program.

Application Process

In order to apply for an Emergency Grant all of the following items must be submitted:  (NOTE: Your request will not be reviewed until all documentation is submitted. Therefore, you should hold all documentation until the entire package can be submitted in its entirety.)

1. Completed Emergency Grant Fund application form. (below)

2. Documentation verifying your total monthly income. Include copies of the most recent pay stubs for you and your spouse or domestic partner (if applicable).

3. Copies of your most recent tax return including applicable schedules.

4. Copies of receipts for monthly expenses.

5. Any additional documentation to support your request or explanation.

 All information should be forwarded in a sealed envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL to the attention of the Director of Financial Services, Campus Box 1849. Your application package will be forwarded to the approval committee for decision. All information will be held in strict confidence.

Other Considerations

Grants are considered taxable income and tax withholding is required. The amount granted will be increased to cover the taxes withheld. The total amount will be included as income on the grant recipient's W-2 but the tax impact to the employee will be $0.

For Human Resources Policy, please see: Policy# 30.014 Emergency Grant Fund Policy

Questions regarding any aspect of this policy or the application process should be directed to the Director of Financial Services at (401) 863-3296.