Leave Taking & Exit Counseling

Leave-Taking & Loan Exit Counseling

Whether you are graduating or taking a leave, now is the time to plan for loan repayment. In addition, federal regulations require all federal loan borrowers to complete loan exit counseling requirements no more than 30 days prior to the end of your enrollment. Unfortunately, we must place holds on diplomas & transcripts for incomplete requirements. We strongly encourage all students to contact our Loan Office and to review the CRC Pre-Leave Checklist and contact Brown's Curricular Resource Center.

Grace Period & Repayment

Your loans will enter a grace period - a period of time when payments are not required.  This will occur even when you are on a leave of absence and plan to re-enroll in the future. If you're taking a leave of absence, and it's longer than the grace period, you'll have to begin repaying your loan.

Returning to school?

If you return to school (at least half-time, in a degree granting program), you must notify each of your loan servicers. Your loan servicers will help you determine whether you've used all of your original grace period.  You may be eligible to place your loans back into an in-school status or into an in-school deferment. You may be required to submit a completed deferment request to your servicer.  See additional details regarding deferment.  We strongly encourage all borrowers to contact our Loan Office as well as Brown's Curricular Resource Center, and to review their Returning from Leave information.

Learn About Loan Repayment

Use our Loan Repayment Planning Worksheet  and review our Repay your Loans section.