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“Non-approved” Delivery Services

Over the last week, Mail Services has received a large number of packages that have been left in the lobby of Page Robinson Hall. 

Please be advised that for safety reasons the ONLY packages/items accepted by BrownUniversity Mail Services are packages/items with full student addresses and mailbox numbers delivered by USPS, UPS, FedEX, Amazon Direct, DHL and LaserShip with tracking numbers. We do NOT accept deliveries straight from the retailer, such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s etc. (i.e., “shipped from store”). When you place your online order, please make sureto double check how your package will be delivered.  

  If packages are left in the lobby, this means that the unauthorized delivery service took it uponthemselves to just leave the package there when the Mail Services team did not accept it.

These and any other types of unauthorized deliveries such as food and/or grocery items (i.e. Grubhub, Doordash, Walmart +, Target) left unattended in the Page Robinson lobby will be promptly removed and donated to a local charity.

 For the packages that are currently in the lobby of Page Robinson Hall, if you suspect that your packagewas shipped here, please retrieve it in the next 3 days.  After this time, they will be donated to a local charity.

This is a one-time notification reminder of Mail Services’ policy regarding package delivery. Going forward, any additional unauthorized deliveries that are left in the lobby will be donated to a local charity within 48 hours.

Communication regarding Mail Services’ instructions on package delivery is sent to incoming studentswith their Welcome email which also provides their box number and other information regarding mailservices. This information is also available on our website and posted to social media.     



Mail Services, located in Page-Robinson Hall, 69 Brown Street, is a centralized operation providing a variety of postal services including receiving and delivery of all incoming US mail, processing University outgoing mail, mail forwarding for undergraduate student mail, support FedEx and UPS, process U.S. postage, and Fax charges, provide limited mail delivery, process inter-office mail and provide general service information for the U.S. Mail and FedEx and UPS.  We are dedicated to providing excellent service and support to the Brown community.  

Shipping Services   

Mail Services provides shipping services for all Brown faculty, staff and students!  We sell postage stamps (singles, books, or rolls) and shipping supplies including a variety of boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap and more - everything to meet your shipping needs.   Ship your packages through us via the USPS, FedEx or UPS.  Come visit us in the main lobby of Page-Robinson Hall.

Mail & Package Delivery

Mail and/or packages are delivered daily by the USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL as well as Amazon Direct.  While your carrier may have sent you an e-mail stating your package has been delivered to Brown, Mail Services needs time to sort and process those packages for delivery to you.   Package processing time may vary depending on incoming volume.  However, we make every effort to have all packages processed and available for pick-up within 24 hours of receipt.  

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