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Graduate Student Mail Service Information

Graduate Student Mail Service Information 



Graduate students received U.S. mail through their department mailboxes.  Incoming mail is either delivered to the department or collected by a department representative for redistribution.


To receive letters/packages in a timely manner, we encourage you to use the proper mailing address as follows

Proper Name 
Brown University
Department Name, Box #  
Providence RI 02912

 Zip code 02912 belongs exclusively to Brown University and should not be used with an off-campus address.


Recipients of accountable mail (Registered, Certified, Express, Insured, Delivery Confirmation) will receive an e-mail notification of arrival.  The notice of arrival will instruct you to go the "University Mail Services" window at the mailroom in the Page-Robinson Hall at 69 Brown St.  to claim your mail item.

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding for Graduate students is the responsibility of the student's home department.  It is not available in Banner

Common Carrier Shipments

 Although all U.S. mail for the University is received in Mail Services, common carriers such as FedEx, UPS,  and DHL will make deliveries directly to your department.  When using common carrier services, a street address should be included in your address instead of your box number.            

Fax Service

Mail Services provides a fax service available to the University community.  Our Fax machine is located at our Student Services counter in Page-Robinson Hall main lobby.

Sending a Fax: Rates: Domestic - $0.50 per page, Foreign $1.50 per page

Mail Services cover page is required on all outgoing faxes.  The cover page cannot be used for the body of the message.

Receiving a Fax: Fax number (401) 863-3700

Recipient's name and mailbox number are required to receive a fax.  Incoming faxes are logged in and then placed into the recipient's mailbox.  Mail Services will not provide a notice of arrival.