Communication Devices (cell phones/smartphones) and Home Internet Charges


This policy states the University’s policy on personal communication devices and home internet charges.

Policy Statement 

Personal communication devices may be an allowable expense if used for University business only, subject to approval by the department head.  Such devices should be purchased through the Computing & Information Services (CIS) department and meet the requirements set forth in their application form.  Personal cell phones, and associated on-going costs, are not allowable costs for Reimbursement by the University without Senior Officer Approval. 

Home internet charges are not allowable unless the responsibility of the position is to maintain, monitor, and support a departmental computing environment and internet access is required if the employee works from home at Brown’s request.


Personal communication devices include cell phones and smartphones. 


Initiate a reimbursement for home internet charges using the Workday Expense Report Business Process.

Use the Expense Item "Cell Phone Charges" for cell phone reimbursements.

Use the Expense Item "Wireless Service" for internet reimbutsements.  

Policy Owner
Approved by 
Assistant Vice President and University Controller

John Haden
Accounts Payable Manager
[email protected]

Revision Date:  Wed, 2019-10-09 12:25