Credit for Prior Service (20.023)


Under certain circumstances, Brown will recognize and provide appropriate credit for prior service to the University. 

Policy Statement 

Employees who leave Brown's employ after a minimum of one year of continuous service who are subsequently rehired may be eligible upon return to have prior service recognized in determining eligibility for the "Years of Service" awards.  Certain benefits also may be restored or benefits waiting periods waived if plan rules for those benefits so allow. 

If the new position is eligible, employees will be eligible to participate in the health plan , retirement plan, long term disability, and the dental plan the first of the month following rehire, provided they were eligible to and did participate in each program prior to leaving Brown; otherwise, all stipulated waiting periods apply.  

If the date of re-employment is less than one year after the most recent period of employment ceased, sick time accrual on record at the time the employee left Brown (up to a maximum of 12 days) will be restored by the hiring department. No reinstatement of prior sick time accrual is given if the employee is rehired more than one year after the most recent period of employment ceased. 

Previous time worked will be credited towards eligibility for the two-days-per-month vacation time accrual rate for employees in nonexempt positions. Vacation time will have been paid out, so vacation accrual will start with zero days.

Employees who are rehired must serve a new probationary period.


Employee: Employees are responsible for ensuring that University Human Resources and the new department are aware of prior service to Brown.

Human Resources: Once notified, University Human Resources is responsible for calculating credit for prior service and updating the employee record. The Continuous Service Date field will reflect the break in service between the Original Hire Date and the most recent Hire Date. “Years of Service” award eligibility will be determined based upon Years of Service field as calculated from time elapsed from the Continuous Service Date.

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Revision Date:  Wed, 2019-01-30 14:31