Employment of Relatives (20.012)


Special circumstances apply when the relatives of University employees seek employment at Brown. 

Policy Statement 

When two members of the same family work at Brown, one must not supervise the other nor be either judge, influencer or advocate in regard to salary, promotion or conditions of employment.

The University reserves the right to reject a job applicant who is closely related to another Brown employee, or to reassign or transfer an employee in the event that the hire, promotion or transfer of another employee would result in one being able to exercise direct, or indirect control over the working conditions or salary of a member of their immediate family. Decisions affecting any aspect of a relative's employment (e.g., transfer, promotion, salary, involuntary termination, position elimination or layoff) must be made by disinterested and qualified supervisory personnel chosen by and acting under the direction of the appropriate senior officer and University Human Resources.


Brown Employees: Brown employees must be sensitive to the possibility of a conflict of interest existing in the employment of members of their family. Employees should exercise caution to ensure that no conflict of interest, or potential for conflict of interest occurs.

University Human Resources:
 Provide guidance to the hiring manager and department on how to effectively manage potential conflicts of interest for family members who are applicants to Brown and/or working within the same department.

Hiring Supervisor:
 The Hiring Supervisor must exercise sound judgment when a family member of an employee is an applicant for employment.

Senior Officer:
 Senior Officers are responsible for ensuring there is no conflict of interest in the employment of family members within their organization. 


General: At the time of hire and annually thereafter, related family members must each sign a conflict of interest disclosure form to ensure that the relationship is disclosed to their departments. Related family members may also be required to prepare and/or sign a management plan to address the conflict of interest. Completion of such management plan will be a condition of employment.

Family Member: Applicant. If an applicant being interviewed is a member of the immediate family of a current employee, the employee must notify the hiring supervisor and University Human Resources.

Family Members: Working in the same department. If a hire, promotion or transfer results in two members of the same immediate family working in the same department, the new employee must notify the supervisor and University Human Resources. 

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