Event Disruption Protocol


In keeping with Brown’s commitment to academic freedom and a spirit of free inquiry, all members of the Brown University campus community are free to advance and debate ideas, hold forums for discussion, and invite speakers of their choice to campus. These rights extend equally to all members of the campus community. This policy outlines the required protocol for events that have the potential for disruption (and therefore the potential for infringement on Brown’s commitment to academic freedom and free inquiry and/or threats to personal safety).

Policy Statement 

The University reserves the right to institute its Event Disruption Protocol when matters of personal safety and/or commitment to preserving the rights of academic freedom or freedom of expression require administrative support. In these instances, factors relating to the time, place and manner of an event may be determined by an advisory group that weighs considerations regarding safety of members of the community, invited guests and visitors to campus.


Concerns about potential disruption of an event by either event organizers/owners and or Brown’s event risk management group will prompt the following protocol:

  • Meeting between the event sponsor and representatives of the following offices: Vice President for Campus Life, University Events, Department of Public Safety, University Communications and other appropriate staff.
  • Outreach to the organizers of any identified possible demonstration/protest by the appropriate administration office(s) (DPS, Campus Live, Events, etc.)
  • Ongoing review of community discourse
  • Follow-up planning meeting(s) as needed
  • Development of procedural steps to be taken during the event
Policy Owner
Approved by 
Office of the Provost
Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
Dean of the College
Office of University Event and Conference Services

Julie Haworth
Office of University Event and Conference Services

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