General Conditions of Employment (20.061)


This policy outlines the general terms, conditions and expectations of employment for Brown staff. The policy is not intended to cover all situations; for specific expectations related to individual positions, please consult with your manager or supervisor.

To ensure that the Brown's values are reflected in our work, the University expects employees to use good personal and professional judgment in the performance of their duties. The list below includes examples of work behaviors that comport with Brown's workplace values as well as examples of behaviors to be avoided. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but to give examples of the types of behaviors to be exhibited or to be avoided 

Policy Statement 

The University expects employees to use good judgment in performance of their duties and to maintain a satisfactory employee/employer relationship. We expect you to do your best work in your positions, with integrity and a commitment to excellent service to the community.

Work Hours: The University's business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm during the academic year. Your specific work hours may vary from this standard schedule. Non-exempt employees are paid for each hour of work, and exempt employees work the number of hours required to accomplish their duties.

Staff are expected to report for work on time in accordance with their work schedule. When an employee must be late, he/she is expected to call the supervisor in advance of the start of the work day. Failure to report or to communicate a need for tardiness as circumstances dictate may prompt disciplinary action.

From time to time, the University may modify standard work hours. Examples include Summer Hours for those departments that elect to observe them, Winter Break, and Emergency Administrative Closure. A community-wide announcement will be made to announce any modification of standard work schedules. In addition, the University provides an opportunity for employees and managers to make individualized adjustments to work schedules if mutually agreeable, in certain circumstances. More information and the requirements for Alternate Work Arrangements and Telecommuting may be found through the links in the Related Policies section below.

Under Rhode Island law, all staff must take at least a 20 minute unpaid lunch period if their work day exceeds six hours and full-time non-exempt staff are generally afforded a one hour unpaid lunch period. There is no legal requirement for other breaks; however the University supports break time for nursing mothers in the workplace. Break periods may not be taken at the beginning or end of the day or to extend lunch. 


Work Behavior
As a member of the Brown University community you are expected to behave in a manner that reflects the values of our scholarly community in which we all share together in the common enterprise of learning. The fundamental principles that must necessarily undergird this include respect for the integrity of the academic process; individual integrity and self-respect; respect for the freedoms and privileges of others; and respect for University resources. In becoming a part of Brown University, we accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the University's academic and social community, and assume the responsibility to uphold the University's principles.

The following apply to all employees:

Positive Work Behavior

  • Display personal and professional integrity through honest and responsible actions; including a willingness to offer direction to others whose actions may be harmful to themselves or the community;
  • Be truthful and forthright;
  • For non-exempt employees, accurately report time worked and/or sick and vacation time used each week;
  • For exempt employees, work the hours required to ensure the job is done and report use of sick or vacation time in a timely manner;
  • Follow departmental procedures for requesting time off and/or notifying a supervisor of unplanned absences;
  • Interact with others in a manner that displays mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding and that encourages honest, open, and equitable interaction with those with racial, religious, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, and other differences;
  • Ensure that the workplace is free from violence and harassment of any form;
  • Inform the University of any criminal conviction or plea;
  • Respect the general resources and physical property of the University and report unsafe conditions and/or fiscal misconduct;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of University business, records and information including computing passwords, personally identifiable information, research protocols and results;
  • Ensure that personal use of non-work-related telephone and electronic information systems is infrequent, generally occurs outside of regular work hours or during breaks, does not interfere with University operations, does not involve activity or behavior that is unlawful or inappropriate and does not incur any expense to the University;
  • Ensure that the work of the University is not disrupted by the presence of persons not employed by Brown (e.g., relatives, children or friends);
  • Ensure that pets are not brought into the workplace;
  • For those working in essential positions and/or performing non-deferrable work, work during emergency closures or make other arrangements in advance (for more information, see the link below);
  • Regularly review and comply with all University policies and procedures as may be in effect or implemented during the course of employment.

Work Behavior to Avoid

  • Do not engage in behavior that endangers your own sustained effectiveness or that has serious ramifications for your own or others' safety, welfare, academic well-being, or professional obligations;
  • Do not bring weapons to campus and do not fail to report those of whom you are aware may have weapons;
  • Do not display inappropriate personal behavior;
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol in the workplace, during work hours or during work events;
  • Do not fail to disclose conflicts of interest or commitment;
  • Do not display political behavior such as collecting or soliciting campaign funds on the Brown campus and/or using Brown supplies or equipment. 
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