Jury Duty


This policy states an employee’s responsibilities when selected for jury duty.

Policy Statement 

Employees may take time off to serve on jury duty. During the time staff members are on jury duty, they continue to receive their regular pay and benefits.   It is expected that staff will come to work when jury duty does not last an entire work day.  Jury duty pay received by the employee does not have to be turned-over to Brown University.  It is considered a reimbursement for parking and lunch.


Employee:  Employees selected for jury duty must submit subpoenas or other documentation regarding the jury duty to their supervisors as soon as it is received.


Employees who are requesting time off for jury duty should submit the corresponding Time Off in Workday. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to turn over any pay for serving jury duty to Brown?
No.  You keep any pay received from jury duty in addition to receiving your regular pay from Brown. 

Policy Owner
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University Controller

Tracy Jordan-Cardillo
Payroll Manager
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Rafael Dones
Director of Tax and Payroll Services 
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