Paychecks not Cashed by Employee


This policy states Brown University’s policy on stale dated paychecks.

Policy Statement 

In accordance with the State of Rhode Island Abandoned and Unclaimed Property (escheat) Law, the University remits to the State of Rhode Island paycheck amounts for any paychecks that are not cashed by the payee for a period of one (1) year.  After remittance by the University to the State of Rhode Island, payees who wish to recover the amounts due to them must make claims to the State, in accordance with escheat procedures.


Employee:  The employee is responsible for the timely cashing of a payroll check.  If the stale dated payroll check has been remitted to the State of Rhode Island, the employee is responsible for contacting the state for return of the money.

Payroll Department:  The Payroll Department will submit uncashed paychecks to the State of Rhode Island following State Law.

Policy Owner
Approved by 
University Controller

Tracy Jordan-Cardillo
Payroll Manager
[email protected]

Rafael Dones
Director of Tax and Payroll Services
[email protected]

Revision Date:  Mon, 2019-05-06 09:16