Payroll Under and Over Payments


From time to time, paycheck adjustment or remediation is required due to error and other unforeseen circumstances. This policy applies to both overpayments and underpayments. 

Policy Statement 

This policy outlines Brown University’s policy regarding incorrect payroll payments.

Payment adjustments must use the Payroll Under and Over Payment Form to submit adjustment requests to the Payroll Office. Payment adjustments will be added to the next pay period payment for the payee unless a large portion of the employee's pay is missing.  On demand payments should only be requested for regular salary and wage payments. Requests may be considered if at least one of the following established criteria is met. Exceptions to receiving On Demand Checks:

  • To comply with state law
  • Administrative errors
  • Employee has received less than 50% of their wages
  • Financial hardship

The Payroll Office will not process On Demand Checks based on the following established criteria:

  • Retroactive pay
  • The employee did not enter and submit their own hours on time
  • The employee has received 50% of their wages
  • Supplemental payments, if the employee has been paid for their regular time

Approved on demand payments are generated weekly each Friday. Requests for on demand payments must be approved and submitted by Wednesday at 5:00 PM in order to be generated for Friday pick-up. 

When there is an overpayment, the net amount of the overpayment will be determined by the Payroll Office and deducted from the next employee paycheck.  If the individual is no longer employed by Brown, the department for whom the employee worked is responsible for requesting the return of the overpayment from the former employee.  The department must send the collected overpayment (check) to the Payroll Office for processing. 


Employee:  The employee will contact his or her department’s HR Coordinator to report an under or overpayment.

HR Coordinator:  The HR Coordinator will complete the online Payroll Under and Over Payment Form to request a correction to the employee’s payment. 

Payroll Office:  The Payroll Office will calculate and process the correct payment.

Policy Owner
Approved by 
University Controller

Tracy Jordan-Cardillo
Payroll Manager
[email protected]

Rafael Dones
Director of Tax and Payroll Services
[email protected]

Revision Date:  Mon, 2019-05-06 09:30