Transfer, Promotion and Job Change (20.021)


Brown University offers qualified employees the opportunity to seek career development and growth through transfers and promotions.Brown also acknowledges that jobs will naturally change over time as new technologies and initiatives are introduced into the workplace. 

Policy Statement 

Employees who meet at least the minimum qualifications of an available position are eligible for consideration. Employees are normally expected to have been in their current position for at least one year, but Brown University does not require a minimum time in one position prior to a transfer or promotion or prior to change in a job.
When an employee transfers or is promoted a new probationary period of three months (for nonexempt positions) or six months (for exempt positions) begins. 


Transfer: A transfer is a lateral move to a vacant position in either the employee's current department or a new department. A transfer will not normally result in a change in compensation.

Promotion: A promotion is a move by an employee to a vacant position at a higher grade level either within the current department or in a new department. Promotions generally result in a salary increase at the time of promotion.

Job Change: A job change is a revision to an employee's existing job description that does not represent a new position for the employee and is not a promotion. Job descriptions can regularly be updated to reflect duties the employee is expected to perform to meet the work needs of the department. A job change will not normally result in a change in compensation. 


Employee: An employee wishing to be considered for an available posted position must apply for the position through the University's recruitment system.

  • Current employees who transfer, or are promoted, must undergo the required background screenings for the new position if the required background check was not part of their initial hiring process.

Hiring Department: The hiring department is responsible for ensuring that all administrative guidelines have been followed in the job change for the individual, including use of the job posting system and related salary administration requirements as appropriate.

University Human Resources (UHR): UHR provides administrative, regulatory and salary administration support to the hiring departments. Contact your department's HR Generalist for any questions you may have. Please see List of HR Generalists. 


Departments are required to post and fill open positions. When there is a significant business need, Human Resources may authorize a transfer of an employee from one position within a department to another at the same grade and salary in the same organizational unit or department without announcing the vacancy through the posting process. See the Hiring Staff @ Brown Guide. 

Policy Owner
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Vice President for Human Resources


Elizabeth Warner
Director of Compensation & Organizational Services
University Human Resources
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